1007. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (1 of 6)

In this video I start using my new to me Jet JJP-12 jointer/planer after a complete setup check and sharp knife install * VerySuperCool Tools sells a Sharpening Jig specifically for sharpening

JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer - How to Real User Review

http://wwwtoolselectcom/product/detail/Jet-JJP-12 ToolSELECTcom put the JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer into the hands of David Bremmer to get his unbiased user review For more information

My new jointer JET JPT 310 HH helical

Free tutorial The Basics of making end grain cutting boards - http://eepurlcom/brMc_5 I replaced my old jointer JET 60 A by JPT 310 HH I need a larger cutting width and helical cutterhead

WATCH THIS before buying a carbide helical (spiral segmented) jointer planer cutter head


Jet JJ-6HHDX Jointer with Helical Head Review

A review of the Jet JJ-6HHDX Long Bed Jointer This is a 6 inch jointer that comes with a helical cutter head Helical cutter heads offer many advantages over the traditional jointers 3 knife setup

JJP-12HH 12 Planer Jointer with Helical Head design flaw

the current design has the tensioner on the power side I know why, they needed to move the chain to avoid a switch, but it was too much force for a plastic tensioner I moved it half the

JET 12 Jointer Planer Combination Review

A NewWoodworkercom video review of JETs 12 capacity joinger/planer combinations machine showing its featueres and how it converts between modes

The New JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Combo

The new JET® 12 Jointer/Planer, has combined two machines into one With a large 12 width capacity, this machine features quick change over between jointer and planer operations, a 4 dust

Jet Jointer Assembly JJ-6HHDX

JET TOOL jointer assembly I show the basic assembly of a jet JJ-6HHDX, 6 Long Bed Jointer with Helical Head Kit 708466DXK I picked this thing up from Rockler! http://wwwrocklercom/jet-6-lo

Jointers - Setting Using

http://12d27gfgkvkzlpcomazl-xwd1shopclickbanknet/?tid=JOINTERS Charles Neil shares some tips on setting and using a a jointer Happy Woodworking and Be Safe! woodworking, woodworking, woodworkin

218 - Installing a Segmented Cutterhead in a Jointer

Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments: http://wwwthewoodwhisperercom/videos/installing-a-segmented-cutterhead-in-a-jointer Segmented cutterheads

Unboxing Friday Jet Jointer

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Jet JPT 260 Planer Thicknesser Review

The Jet JTP 260 is an excellent planer-thicknesser with a feed rate and cutter speed tuned to produce superb results Once setup, the fence need not be moved or adjusted even after switching

Jet 8 inch jointer planer

This is just some info about the jointer planer combo from Jet

Rikon 25-210H Followup Review and Tuneup

After almost two years of ownership I do a follow review on my Rikon 25-210H as well as take you through some of the steps in calibrating the outfeed and infeed tables As the Jet JJP-12HH

Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch Bench-Top Jointer Planer Review

The Jet 10 inch jointer-planer is not capable of properly jointing a board The in-feed and out-feed tables are not co-planar This is not a small deviation from parallel planes, but a LARGE

Testing the RIKON 25-010H Combination Planer Jointer

Woodworkers Journal contributing editor Sandor Nagyszalanczy takes an in-depth look at the features and abilities of the RIKON 25-010H Planer/Joiner in this tool preview video Subscribe

1012. JET JJP-12 Jointer Planer Set Up (6 of 6)

In this video I show a shop made mobile base for this 500lb JET JJP-12 I you are interested in learning more about welding and steel fabrication for your shop, there is a link at the end

JET JJB 10BTOS Planer Jointer

JET 10 Selling on Ebay



Jet 8 Inch Jointer (JJ8CS)

Great new tool, The Jet Woodworking Machinery 8 inch Jointer I hope you enjoy the video

Rikon 25-210H 12 Planer Jointer Review

I give my thoughts on this machine after having used it for a few weeks Feel free to ask any questions about it!

Upgraded the 8 jointer to a shelix cutter head

Upgraded the jointer to a shelix cutter head and it cuts like a dream! Visit: Dallasrusticcom

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